Resolutions in Paradise
Wednesday, Jan 3, 2024

Resolutions in Paradise

by Thuvaaragan Kiritharan, and Rethika Bastians

Disappointment is a common result of January's self-reinvention season. To shift the narrative and adopt healthy lives or a bold one, take a trip to Sri Lanka's colourful landscapes.

When January rolls its way around, it causes people to reinvent themselves. Be it trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, changing one's style or anything else bizarre.The key thing is everyone wants to change something. New Year's resolutions are notorious for falling flat, leaving us feeling defeated and deflated. This year, escape to the vibrant island of Sri Lanka and watch your resolutions transform from wishful thinking to reality. From ancient temples to sun-kissed beaches, Sri Lanka offers an immersive experience that will rejuvenate your mind and body and help you achieve your goals in a way you never thought possible.

Sunset Picture

Tanning time

Want a great tan this new year? Sunny Sri Lanka has you covered. Escape the winter chill and bask in the warm embrace of the Sri Lankan sun. January marks the dry season, ensuring rain does not hinder your holiday, but it can be unpredictable. Enjoy the perfect blend of sunshine and cool breezes as you explore the diverse landscapes, from sandy beaches to lush jungles. The weather sets the stage for an idyllic vacation, allowing you to soak in Sri Lanka's beauty without worrying about unpredictable weather.

Some escapes in Sri Lanka

Assuming you want to be more adventurous or try something new, Sri Lanka is a great place to start. Weligama beckons with its golden beaches and consistent surf for those yearning to conquer new horizons and ride the waves of adventure. January offers excellent conditions for surfing, making it an ideal time for beginners and seasoned surfers alike. Imagine the thrill of catching your first wave as the warm tropical waters embrace you. Surfer

Island Wildlife Wonders

If one of your goals this year was to explore wildlife, you have great options here in Sri Lanka. The island is brimming with wildlife, both coastal and inland. Galle, situated on the southern coast, is home to several turtle farms where you can actively participate in conservation efforts. Release baby turtles into the ocean, witness the incredible life cycle of these magnificent creatures, and contribute to a cause larger than yourself.

Sea Turtles

If you want to see the other wild creatures, Yala National Park is a must-visit. January offers the perfect weather for a safari adventure, with clear skies and mild temperatures. Encounter majestic elephants, elusive leopards, and many other wildlife species against Yala's stunning landscapes. Fulfil your resolution to appreciate and preserve the beauty of the natural world in this awe-inspiring sanctuary.

Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Island Feast

If you want to reinvent yourself, trying new food from an exotic culture is a great start. Picture yourself diving into a symphony of rich flavours and diverse dishes that define the island's culinary prowess. From tantalising curries to exquisite seafood, each meal is a gateway to the warm embrace of Sri Lankan hospitality. But wait, it gets even better! Explore the charming world of street food with local gems like Hoppers and Kothu. It's not just a meal; it's a journey into the heart of a country that knows how to throw a flavour fiesta. Sri Lankan food is like a formal party for your taste buds, where every dish brings a touch of sophistication and a lot of fun. So, gear up for a culinary celebration that's as diverse as it is delicious! Traditional Sri Lanka rice and curry

This new year is a great time to try something new and different. Sri Lanka is the perfect destination to try and experience something new. The island is brimming with coastal and inland wildlife, making it an ideal place to try something new. Head to the W15 Weligama to surf epic waves and visit turtle farms. Expand your taste buds with local cuisine and cocktails at Headquarters by W15. Or if your resolution is just to chill and rest from your chaotic life, try escaping at W15 Escape Ahangama, W15 Hanthana Estate or W15 Lake Gregory.

W15 Weligama & W15 Hanthana

Resolutions in Paradise
Thuvaaragan Kirithiran

Thuvaaragan Kiritharan


Professional photographer who specializes in travel, people, editorial, real estate and interior photography, with a further focus on branding and art direction. He also has a passion for wildlife and fashion photography. He is currently the in-house photographer for The W15 Collection and Steradian Capital Investments (Pvt) Ltd and a member of the Jaffna Photography Society.


Rethika Bastians

Content Writer

An International Business Management graduate, currently a content writer for Steradian Capital Investments after a stint as a content creator. With a background in creating content for various industries, including FMCG, supermarkets and real estate, she enjoys reading and drawing in her free time.

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