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At W15, we are inspired to create captivating moments that become truly everlasting memories. Traverse the breathtaking island with us and be mesmerized by all that is to be encountered and indulged in.


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Discover Sri Lanka like never before and experience the elegance and beauty of this magical island. Each place within our collection carries its own unique story. A story told through our exceptional service, adventurous cuisine and hospitality. Our exquisite spaces are designed in harmony with the surrounding landscape creating the perfect ambience for moments bound to become lasting memories.

Isabel Jamaldeen Managing Director of W15 Collection

W15 Collection is about creating truly unique and captivating encounters that are bound to stand the test of time. That is why we stand by our ethos of "Moments to Memories"; it's about creating memorable and eternal experiences.

Isabel Jamaldeen

Managing Director

The origins of W15 Collection


In 2015, our founders were inspired to establish a brand that would become the quintessential calibre of hospitality and tourism, and with that thought, they made their mark in the industry under the name W15.

The first endeavour, W15 Weligama, has become a highly sought-after affair on the southern coast for exceptional cuisine and tropically exhilarating vibes. Going beyond its inception, W15 Collection has expanded, with Ahangama and Colombo being the earliest additions to our Collection, while our luxurious Hanthana bungalow entered our portfolio with a charm and elegance of its own.

Now our vision to create captivating moments across the island sees the W15 Collection grow as a brand with further locations being established at Lake Grergory and Glenfall, Nuwara Eliya, and at Colombo Port City and the Colombo rooftop restaurant and bar at HQ Colombo. However, our journey does not stop there, with plans to create more breathtaking experiences in Yala, Ambalangoda and Ambuluwawa.

Sustainable future with W15 - Bottled water
Sustainable future with W15 - Bottled water
Sustainable future with W15 - Eco Spaces
Sustainable future with W15 - Eco Spaces
Sustainable future with W15 - helping communities
Sustainable future with W15 - helping communities

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Pamper yourself with one of the following exclusive offers by the W15 Collection. We offer the highest calibre of service and stunning locations for your next holiday, which won't hurt your pocket. Indulge in an experience of a lifetime by booking a holiday W15 Collection.

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W15 Collection brings you the most magical destinations on the island. Captivating landscapes surround every location, and each W15 Collection space is designed to embody the beauty of each destination.


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