It’s burger o’clock: The W15 Signature Burger
Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022

It’s burger o’clock: The W15 Signature Beef Burger

The W15 Signature Burger is all about satisfying your cravings. The buttered brioche bun, the big juicy patty and fresh veggies work harmoniously to bring home an epic burger.

The W15 Signature Beef Burger takes inspiration from classic burgers from around the world and uses the freshest ingredients.

First, let's start with the patty, which is fresh, locally sourced meat that is picked for its premium quality. The beef then comes to the kitchen, where it's get prepped with panko bread crumbs, rosemary, onion, garlic, salt and pepper and turned into the marvellous centrepiece of the burger.


The patty then hits a piping hot grill, where it's carefully cooked by our ever-watchful maestros in the kitchen to achieve that perfect balance of texture. Then the homemade Brioche buns hit the grill and get toasted.

Finally, the buns get buttered, and the patty gets placed on the bun along with a slice of cheddar cheese, topped off with fresh Iceberg lettuce,a slice of tomato and caramelized onion. And, of course, no burger is complete without a side of fries, and that is precisely what you get. Fresh potatoes are prepped and fried to get that golden glow and then salted to perfection.


The burger itself is a journey for your palate. The golden Brioche buns are soft bread and quintessentially rich in taste, with a toasty outside with slightly charred edges that give depth to the flavour and texture. Each bite is filled with perfectly cooked meat that is juicy and the right kind of chewy. The lettuce adds another layer of texture with a slight crunch, and the layer of fresh tomatoes gives each bite a sweet, tart and tangy flavour. The caramelized onions and cheese on the meat tie everything together.

W15 Weligama has a vibrant and tantalizing menu and has mastered the art of creating hearty and tasty dishes that are bound to leave your cravings satisfied.


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