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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Tharshana x W15 Hanthana

by and Tharushan Fernando

A first of its kind undertaking, Tharshana and W15 Hanthana have married together exotic elements, impeccable design, and fine craftsmanship to birth a uniquely inspired designer wear collection.

Tharshana is a designer wear brand that is also the proud pioneer of introducing illustrated Sri Lankan grown flowers to silhouettes that are refined but relaxed, complemented by light weight silky fabrics. Boasting an effortless ability to bring designer-wear garments to life through the tasteful incorporation of exotic elements inspired by their Sri Lankan roots, and this time with a focus on the hill capital, Tharshana looked to the exquisite W15 Hanthana Estate from which to draw inspiration.

The W15 Hanthana Estate represents a world of colonial charm that blends perfectly with its sublime surroundings of rolling tea plantations and emerald green forests. The estate is well known for its picturesque regions and the unforgettable panoramic views that are truly phenomenal. The elegant spaces at the W15 Hanthana Estate are remarkable, and the experiences offered by the property are simply unforgettable.

A couple of days spent at the beautiful bungalow was surely not enough to experience all that the impeccable estate and hills have to offer, but far more than sufficient to impress upon Tharshana with his latest collection where all prints are inspired by the flora and fauna of the hills and the W15 Hanthana Estate.

In celebration of this daring collaboration, W15 and Tharshana hosted a weekend of luxury and grandeur at the gorgeous W15 Hanthana Estate in the hills. Festivities kicked off with a brief introduction by the pioneers of the event Tharshana and Hardy Jamaldeen, accompanied by tasteful Hors d'oeuvres and a wide range of enticing wine that was carefully selected by House of Wine.

The select few were then provided an opportunity to witness a first glimpse of the collection through an elegant fashion show around the W15 Hanthana Estate. Sticking to the roots of the event, all personal involved were those hailing from the hill capital. At the closing of the show, the guests were then provided a first-time opportunity to purchase pieces from the collection and mingle with the creators, Tharshana, and the owners of W15.

Tharushan Fernando

Tharushan Fernando

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