The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
Tuesday, Jan 10, 2023

The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022

by and Tharushan Fernando

A recap of all the epic adventures,experiences and events and all things W15.

The W15 Collection Press Room is always on the hunt for stories and content when it comes to travel and we are excited to take a look back at what happened in 2022.

Coastal Adventures


1.Sea turtles; the shelled wanderers of the ocean

Sri Lanka has one of the most visited shores for nesting in the world when it comes to sea turtles. The primary breeding season is from September to mid-April on the island's west coast and from February to June on the East coast, and thus are the best times to witness these fascinating creatures.


2.See you on the next wave

Weligama, was formerly merely a quaint fishing village but has since transformed into a bustling beach town. The ideal surf destination to go to if you're hoping to learn or brush up on your surfing prowess and skills.


3.A tranquil escape like no other:Ahangama

Imagine being in the middle of everything that makes the southern coast of Sri Lanka one of the most captivating destinations ever. Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves while a spectrum of adventures lies lurking around, waiting to be discovered. Just half an hour's drive from Galle lies the quaint fishing village of Ahangama, a serene stretch of sandy beaches that gives the stage to so many breathtaking encounters.


4.The splendour within the Ramparts of Galle

A look at the history and what you can do when visiting the iconic Galle Fort, which stands as a testament to the fusion of architecture and vibrant energy that flows through the cobbled streets and the open spaces of this cultural landmark.


5.Island hopping on Koggala Lake

Embark on an adventure and discover the thrilling encounters of Koggala Lake and the islands scattered throughout the captivating landscape.


The Mystical Mountains


1.The charming realm of wonder amidst the hills - The City of Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya, the bewitching town nestled within the central highlands of Sri Lanka is a realm of true beauty and wonder.


2.The grandeur of Ceylon Tea

The industry, with its rich history, definitely left a mark on Sri Lanka, with the commodity being one of its biggest exports, employing millions. The British planters who took on the task of growing tea found that the central highlands and cool, mountainous terrain towards the centre of the island were the ideal conditions for cultivation to take place.


3.Pedro Tea Estate:A trail to the mystical forests.

On a sunny day in Nuwara Eliya, the beauty of the realm known as Little England truly comes alive. There's much to explore, from the colonial charm and architecture to the culture and life of the locals. However, one's journey into the hills is not complete without hiking or trekking through the lush fields of tea or exploring the pristine forests that the mountains call home.


4.A procession of colour and history

Amidst the mountains of the central highlands lies the last capital of the ancient kings. Vibrant green forests alongside the sides of towering mountains and a range of distinguished colonial buildings and magnificent Kandyan-inspired architecture gives the city its own unique charm.


5.Venture into the serene wilderness

Galway's Land National Park is one of the few well-known national parks in the city, although being one of the smallest is situated 3 km from Nuwara Eliya and hosts a diverse range of wildlife, flora and fauna.


6.Loolkandura and the tale of James Taylor

In the beautiful mountainous terrain lies a realm of history and mystique. The rolling verdant fields of tea tell a story of the past, of industry and the impact that one man had on an entire nation.


7.A legend in the midst of the hills

Visit the Seetha Amman Kovil and discover a truly captivating and magical experience deeply embodied in the island's history.


8.Knuckles Mountains:An adventure across the mountains

The mountains carry within them a multitude of trails, each taking you towards breathtaking encounters through verdant, mystical forests.


9.The trail of Indiana Jones

An adventure that takes the trail through the mountains of Hanthana, where the infamous mountain range appeared in the iconic movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


Special Event Highlights

The Launch of W15 Lake Gregory The W15 Collection announced the addition of our latest location in Nuwara Eliya.

Aliya Hippie Market The Hippie market, a renowned gathering of vendors from across the island, was hosted within the lush green lawns of W15 Weligama, throughout multiple dates across the year. The bustling marketplace coame with a variety of musicians taking the stage. Keep an eye out for the next market!


Ocean Drive Ocean Drive at W15 Weligama, brought some of the top DJs and producers on the island to the stage while the lively crowds danced their hearts out as the sun started to set!


Echoes Million Event X Event Fusion Presents Echoes! A dance party that brought the ultimate tunes with a whole line-up of foreign and local DJs taking the stage. The night was rocked away with some incredible music alongside some incredible menu of cocktails, while under the starry skies of Weligama.


Undisclosed Undisclosed at W15 Weligama was a chance to experience some of the best DJs on the island alongside tropically inspired cocktails and fantastic food along the sandy beaches and enthralling ocean. This exciting evening featured DJ Jayy Vibes, Van Luup, Sanjay, Kyotto, Budi, Music Director, and Adriqus.


Mystica 2.0 Mix Studio presents ATOM (Mystica 2.0), mystical escape for a truly groovy experience that featured the finest local and foreign artists, including Alexander Alar, Jayy Vibes, Echo Draft, Sajay, A Jerome, Kyotto, Farshan, Alpha 21, Jayy Sam, Anji, Sala.


Upcoming events (January to March)

Weekly Wind-downs

Thirsty Thursdays We have all the ingredients for the mischievous Thursday throwdown that you crave. An epic line-up of cocktails to keep you company alongside the sounds of the ocean and some groovy vibes.


Ladies Nights on Fridays When the day draws to an end and the night comes calling on a Friday, it's time to let your hair down. Come down to W15 Weligama on Fridays and enjoy fantastic food and tantalizing drinks. Let's not forget the complimentary cocktails for ladies from 5 pm to 7 pm!


Tropical Sundown On Saturdays The beauty of the island's coast comes alive during sundown. Indulge in some groovy tunes after a day in the sun and waves. W15 Weligama hosts the most epic Saturdays every week with our resident DJ.

That's not all! Dive into a sea of flavours with the freshest seafood; made to order. This exclusive menu brings the most scrumptious locally-sourced delicacies of the ocean right to the table.


Bubbly Brunch on Sundays Sundays become an elegant affair with W15 Weligama's Bubbly Brunch, which takes place amidst the tropical sunshine serving exquisitely hearty cuisine alongside fantastic music by our resident DJ and featuring a surprise guest artist performance. Indulge in the most epic Sunday vibes.


Limited Time Experience Hanthana Rock Clmbing with Johann Peries (on the 10th of March). Keep an eye out on our socials and website for more information. ut the W15 Collection and check out the events calendar for regular updates on what’s going down at W15 Weligama. We look forward seeing you

The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
The W15 Collection recap: A look back at 2022
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