Experiences at Hanthana
Thursday, May 19, 2022

Experiences at Hanthana

W15 Hanthana is a beautifully restored bungalow from the heyday of the British empire that stands amidst the cool winds and towering hills of the central highlands.

Exploring the wilderness

Hanthana hosts a variety of adventures for those who love the outdoors and the wilderness. It is prevalent among those who enjoy hiking, camping, bird-watching and being close to nature in various ways. Renowned for some awe-inspiring hikes with views to match, The Hanthana mountain range gets its name from the seven individual peaks that can be climbed there. The seven summits provide breathtaking views of Kandy, the Knuckles range, the Dolosbage range of Aranayake, and the hills of the Sabaragamuwa region. The hills of Hanthana conceal within them an abundance of animal and birdlife, from the spotted Sambar deer to the elusive leopard. Embark on a thrilling expedition into the wilderness.

The charming life in the hills

The Ceylon tea industry gave birth to the design and construction of picturesque tea plantation bungalows with sprawling gardens all over the island. Our bungalow is typical of the Kandyan region, with meticulously maintained gardens. The quaint lifestyle of the highlands is a storyteller's dream, with many in the hills taking on life with humble vigour. Iconic landmarks are nestled throughout the mountainous terrain. The Temple of the Tooth Relic and Kandy Lake are close to Hanthana. At the same time, the Kandy markets are a treasure trove of local souvenirs and a fantastic look into the lives of those who call the hills home.

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W15 Hanthana
W15 Hanthana
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