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What’s coming up at W15 Weligama!

by and Tharushan Fernando

Get ready to groove and unwind at W15 Weligama – the premier coastal destination for non-stop fun and unforgettable experiences!

Get ready, folks!

W15 Weligama is the ultimate destination for those who love to live life to the fullest. We're talking top-notch events, killer vibes, and endless fun – all set against the stunning coastal landscape of Weligama. Whether you're looking to let loose after a long week, or just want to chill with friends, W15 Weligama has got you covered. With a range of weekly events, you'll never be bored! From Hooked on Hookah to Hellooo Hump Day, Throwback Thursday, Afro Friday, and Mello Sundays, W15 Weligama is the place to be for a truly unique and groovy encounter.

So, what are you waiting for?


Hooked on Hookah

Get ready to be transported to a tropical paradise every Tuesday night at our Hooked on Hookah event! Located in the stunning coastal town of Weligama, W15 is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. From 7 pm to 10 pm, come and relax with us as you take in the stunning views of the Indian Ocean and soak up the coastal vibes. Indulge in a variety of delicious hookah flavours and sip on your favourite drink while you lounge and enjoy a flick. With a cosy atmosphere and a vibe that'll keep you coming back for more, Hooked on Hookah is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. And the best part? The stunning coastal landscape of Weligama provides the perfect backdrop for your relaxing evening. Whether you're with friends or flying solo, come and take in the breathtaking views while you relax and enjoy the night. So, gather your squad or come solo and get Hooked on Hookah – it's the perfect way to make every Tuesday a memorable one!


Hellooo Hump Day

Looking for the ultimate midweek party?

Look no further than Helloooo Hump Day! Every Wednesday from 5 pm onwards, head over to W15 Weligama for a night of non-stop fun. With music that'll get you up and dancing and an atmosphere that'll make you forget all about the daily grind, Helloooo Hump Day is the perfect way to turn the weekday blues into party mode.

You'll be delighted to hear that we're offering free drinks from 5 pm to 7 pm for the ladies. So, gather your squad or come solo and get ready to party!

Nestled in the coastal landscape of Weligama, W15 offers a breathtaking backdrop to any night out. With its stunning beachfront views, tropical vibe and welcoming atmosphere, W15 is the perfect destination for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. So, come join us at Helloooo Hump Day and get ready for a night you won't forget!


Throwback Thursdays

Get ready to break out those vintage outfits because Throwback Thursday at W15 Weligama is the ultimate 80s and 90s dance party!

Every Thursday evening, starting at 5 pm, transport yourself back to the days of pop rocks, neon lights, and classic tunes that will have you busting a move all night long.

As soon as you step into the venue, you'll be transported back to the glory days of big hair and funky beats. With a lively atmosphere and a playlist filled with all the best throwback jams, you'll be surrounded by good vibes and unforgettable memories.

So, gather your squad and get ready to dance the night away. With drinks flowing and a vibe that'll keep you going all night long, Throwback Thursday is the perfect way to relive the best of the 80s and '90s in a tropical paradise like Weligama. So, what are you waiting for?


Afro Fridays

Get ready to shake it, sway it, and groove to the rhythm at Afro Friday! This party is going down every Friday from 5 pm at the beachfront hotspot, W15 Weligama. With an amazing view of the ocean and the warm tropical air, you'll feel like you're living your best life at this party. Now, let's talk about the music. We've got a killer lineup of R&B, Hip-Hop, Latino, and Afro-beat tunes that'll keep you on the dance floor all night long. No matter what your musical taste is, you're bound to find something you love. So, grab your squad and get ready for a wild night of dancing and singing along to your favourite tunes. Trust us, Afro Friday is not just a party, it's an experience!


Mellow Sundays

Start your Sunday on the right foot with a relaxing brunch experience at Mellow Sundays! From 10am to 2pm, gather your friends and family at W15 Weligama for a leisurely brunch filled with good food, great company, and beach vibes. As you step into our cozy and inviting dining space, you'll immediately be swept away by the serene atmosphere that makes it the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the week. Indulge in a delicious spread of breakfast favourites, juicy cocktails, and the freshest ingredients while taking in some incredible tunes that elevate the atmosphere.

Whether you're in the mood for a classic bacon and eggs or something a little more adventurous, our brunch menu has something for everyone. And for those looking to catch up with old friends, Mellow Sundays is the perfect destination. With the beautiful beach just steps away, you can soak up the sun, feel the sand between your toes, and enjoy the salty sea breeze. So why wait? Gather your loved ones and make Sunday mornings something to look forward to at Mellow Sundays, W15 Weligama.


W15 Weligama's high-season celebrations and special guest appearances from top producers and DJs will leave you wanting more. From weekly wind-downs to seductive soirees, we create the perfect ambience for any occasion. Don't miss out on the fun - keep an eye on our socials and event calendar for the latest updates.

See you soon at W15 Weligama!

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