The W15 Steak Sandwich - Dining Experiences at Hanthana, Kandy
Wednesday, Sep 7, 2022

Fatty, juicy, and absolutely perfect!

by and Tharushan Fernando

Whether it before venturing into the hills or after a long day of exploring, this fantastic all-time favourite always hits the spot.

Exploring the vibrant landscape of the mountains is always a thrilling adventure, but once you've had your fair share of excitement, the time comes along to refuel for the next stages of your expedition into the hills. The W15 Hanthana Steak Sandwich is a unique take on a classic and simple dish that utilizes the best and most fresh ingredients, cooked and prepared to perfection.

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What makes the W15 Steak Sandwich so unique?

Let's start with the meat. You get a choice of imported or local lamb or beef sirloin, cooked to perfection so that the meat is juicy and the right kind of chewy, bursting with flavour. The lamb gets a drizzle of mint infused mustard while the beef is topped off with some honey mustard.

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Then comes the caramelized onions to add that sweet spice and crunch, followed by some cucumber, Iceberg lettuce, a hint of horse radish, and Roma tomatoes to bring some tantalizing balance of fresh greens and different layers of texture to the palate.

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All this flavoursome goodness is then layered between a lightly toasted , homemade french baguette . You can choose between some chunky french fries, potato wedges or a refreshing serving of coleslaw as a side.

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W15 Hanthana has some brilliant cuisine inspired by both local and international culinary styles and serves expertly prepared exquisite dishes where your dining experience comes complete with the company of the stunning landscape of the hills.

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