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Wednesday, Jul 20, 2022

See you on the next wave

by Tharushan Fernando

Weligama, was formerly a quaint fishing village but has transformed into a bustling beach town. The ideal surf destination to go to if you're hoping to learn or brush up on your surfing prowess.

Sri Lanka is becoming one of the top surfing destinations in the world and one of those places is Weligama, which has evolved into a surfer's paradise heaven with a multitude of waves that are ideal for anyone's skill level when it comes to taking on the waves.

A bit of history

Surfing in Sri Lanka can be traced back to the early 1960s, though it wasn't until the end of the civil war in 2009 that the sport started to take off. In 1964, an American surfing legend, Rusty Miller, on his trip around the world, came across the island of Sri Lanka. Later in the 1970s, a small group of Australian surfers on the hunt for surfing destinations that would be alternative to Bali found their way to Sri Lanka.

The warm water, sandy beaches with coconut trees and all kinds of surf spots for any taste and level: reef breaks, beach breaks, point breaks, Sri Lanka is now one of the top surfing destinations in the world. And Weligama is one of those locations that have become a surfers paradise with a variety of waves suitable for anyone.


The waves of Weligama

At Weligama Beach on Sri Lanka's south coast, a sizable bay opens up. It is 3.2 kilometres long in total, but it curves into a deep horseshoe inland. This arch shape creates the perfect cleft for refracting the waves coming from the Indian ocean. Protected by the surrounding headlands, meaning clean, glassy conditions are consistent, Weligama is a beginner's paradise.

The town itself becomes more and more quaint as you head further inland, but the beach stretch is, and the main road beside it hosts a series of surf camps, cafes, bars, and eateries. The name Weligama, which alludes to the region's sandy sweep bay, literally translates as "sandy village." It is located at an elevation of 9 metres (30 feet) above sea level and is roughly 144 kilometres (89 mi) south of Colombo.

The fact that the beginner-friendly Weligama surf spots are situated directly in front of the town itself makes it that much better, and W15 Weligama is right in the thick of it. There are several surf schools and board rentals as soon as you step from the green lawn of W15 Weligama and onto the sandy shores.

Seriously, get out of your bed and grab your board because, in these parts, you can go surfing as soon as you wake up. Other spots, maybe a bit further away, are suitable for the more veteran surfers, but after bargaining with a local tuk-tuk driver, you can get there quite easily.


Other Surf Spots

Staying in Weligama means you are also centrally located when it comes to some other beautiful surf spots as well.

Just to the west of Weligama is Midigama. It isn't really a town by itself but a string of bays and sand that extends for a few clicks before Ahangama. It's also a haven for experienced surfers seeking a more of a challenge.

Rather than being a surf town, Mirissa is more renowned as one of Sri Lanka's whale-watching hotspots. It is famed for its nighttime party scene as well. It does, however, have reefs. The ideal location can be found on the main beach, where a hard right-hander comes in off a point at a pushing tide.

Hiriketiya Beach is an incredible horseshoe bay with a duo of breaks. One is a sandy beach break, suitable for beginners and casual intermediates. The other – a fast left-hand reef that barrels over jagged rock- is for the experts. The drive from Weligama to Hiriketiya is around 1-1.2 hours in normal traffic.

When to surf in Weligama

The dry season (December-March) is when the surf at Weligama is at its best. As the name suggests, they are much dryer and calmer and hotter. There is the occasional rainy day, but not many. Large breaks for intermediates and punchy beach breaks for the beginners because of the southerlies and westerlies that come off the Southern Ocean means there is always the perfect wave for your skill level.

However, the tropical weather and sunny vibes throughout the year in Sri Lanka, means Weligama is always ideal for a coastal getaway, and there are more chances for you to hit the waves than not.

Stay with W15 Weligama

Taking on the waves means you've had to take a few tumbles, carry your board and spend hours in the hot sun, but don't worry because W15 Weligama becomes the ideal spot to catch a break or wind down after a day spent gliding across the ocean. Take a quick dip, cool off in the pool, and bite into one of the hearty dishes on the menu, or unwind with a tropical cocktail in hand while some groovy tunes keep you company. There is also a professional masseuse, surf board rentals, and lessons available on-site for your convenience.

Surf the Indian Ocean with W15 Weligama. Click here to make a reservation.

Photography by Sami Surf Photography LK. Check out his instagram @samisurfographylk for some amazing surf clicks from the coast of Sri Lanka.

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