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DJ Music (EDM) in Sri Lanka

EDM or Electronic Dance Music has grown rapidly in the past 30 years with the concurrent rapid advancement of computers, electronics and electronic music synthesizing software which has enabled electronic music to produce distinct sounds and styles unlike those produced through traditional instruments and the proliferation of new genres and sub genres of EDM.

Globally Party DJ’s almost exclusively play EDM or if they do play non EDM tracks they are usually remixed with electronic beats and sounds to flow with the music being played.

For those who are unfamiliar with the terminology, here are some of the broad genres of EDM which are commonly played by DJ’s at clubs and parties.

House Music

House music has been around since the early 80’s and is arguably the most popular genre currently being used by the majority of EDM artists and played on mainstream media as they generally have lyrics incorporated.


In the minds of the general population techno is synonymous with EDM and for good reason since it’s one of the oldest genres around and recognised by its staccato beats which are consistent throughout most of the song. This style has been used by many famous pop artists as well.


Dubstep is a genre which gained much popularity in the past 10 years. It runs along the lines of syncopated beats with bass beats and sub bass lines and gives a sense of low end weight and struggle to the music.


Trance music, as the name implies, keeps the crowd entranced while moving them according to its ebbs and flows, manifest in the build-ups, and bass drops, plateaus and sudden crescendos. It too, is a much sort after sound by partygoers wanting to feel a sense of release.

DJ’ing and EDM in Sri Lanka

Like the rest of the world, Sri Lanka has not been immune to the waves of electronic music but has in fact been producing some of its own local flavour EDM, infused with Sinhala and Tamil lines.

Colombo does not lack in its night life and clubbing scene and if one desiresa club or discothequeto unwind in, they can be found on any day of the week where EDM is played exclusively.

The top 10 DJs in Sri Lanka

This list was taken from the famous THEDJLIST website: http://thedjlist.com/world/sri-lanka/djs/ you can catch these artists by searching for their names online to looking up where they will be spinning at next.

1. VAN LUUP – An Experienced DJ who’s DJ’d along with many big international names who plays a broad range of music touching on retro grooves as well.

2. LILMJ –He is akin to the former in his experience and his ability to leave the crowds amazed. He constantly seeks perfection.

3. DANUSHKA (D.S.T) – Playing at exclusive clubs locally and internationally, he has his characteristic style which is loved by many.

4. MISSY FLAME – She is Sri Lanka’s first female DJ who fell in love with how DJs could move crowds to a happy place through their music and after a long wait early on, made it on to the scene.

5. DILEE D – This DJ with a broad worldview and studio experience truly manages to keep the crowds amazed with his wide range of styles and rhythms.

6. BRAN JEGAN– This Dedicated DJ is known for always keeping things interesting and fresh with new tracks and grooves. He also holds Honours Degrees in IT and Audio Technology from the University of Middlesex.

7. DROPWIZZ – Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Melbourne, he produced his own music and was signed on to a record label. He was once voted as Sri Lanka’s best DJ.

8. DUSH – He works at a radio station as a production assistant and spins out some great mixes which he does as a hobby.

9. JEHAN-DZ – This young DJ who started DJ’ing at home is now an up and coming DJ in the local scene who also plays a broad selection of genres.

10. KASSY – He dived into DJ’ing in the famous city of Negombo and despite being quite young, manages to hold his rhythm and groove solidly.

Most casual pubs and clubs also have DJ music nights amongst the usual open mic nights and bands which play dance music of current hits as well as those from yesteryear.It may also be prudent to inquire about the demographic frequenting a club or discotheque if you are not sure about a new location as some can be notorious for underhand activity such as drugs and spiking drinks. Apart from that word of caution,the general EDM/DJ scene is nothing short of great; so go ahead and have fun!